How much does it cost?

  • The cost is worked out on the size of the land and the amount of activity on the land. We charge £1,500 per intervention/deployment. For example, if you have 10sqkm and only one badger sett that would be one intervention/deployment. On the same land, there were 4 setts and all 4 corners of the site it would more likely be 2 deployments/interventions

Do you need to catch all of the badgers on my land?

  • No. We do not need to catch all of the badgers on a site. Only a proportion of the badgers need to be caught in an area to in order to reduce the susceptibility in a group. Vaccinating the badgers that do not have the disease stops the spread. The animals infected eventually die leaving the vaccinated badgers left and eventual herd immunity.

Can we not vaccinate the cattle?

  • Currently the cattle vaccine is not available for use and is currently being tested in field trials

How long does it take?

  • We spend up to three weeks from start to finish per deployment/intervention

Can you tell me more about the vaccine?

  • The vaccine is a live vaccine that has to be reconstituted on site. It has to be kept between 2 and 8 degrees in special portable drugs fridges in our vehicles. Once made we have 4 hours to use the vaccine or it has to be destroyed.

How often do you need to vaccinate?

  • We vaccinate a site once a year for 4/5 years depending on the site. This gives us the chance to target the cubs each year and hopefully achieve herd immunity